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The website is a simple online store I made a long time ago.  I was rushed to get it done before the client went to a large trade-show but I managed to get it made, including all photography in time.  I like the simplicity of it.  Most of what makes it cool is in the back-end though. I made integrated accounting for it so it can make it’s own invoices and it can do all it’s own reporting. This streamlines order fulfillment and eliminates the need to bottleneck everything through a program like QuickBooks.  The design aspects I like about it are it’s simple colors, full width search box, and a little cart icon that gets filled with numbers as you add items to the shopping cart. This is also one of the first sites I got to use the light box I made for product photography.

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CF 8.0



CF 8.0 was the design of this site from 2007 or 2008 until it was retired in October 2012.  The design was very minimalist with a dark charcoal grey background and deep reds. The site logo and navigation floated on the left with a subtle shadow separating it from the content area. Some interesting code kept it in place during scrolling which I loved. Unfortunately this was problematic to implement on mobile devices. It also had a JavaScript based reflection algorithm which made a cool reflection effect on all my photos. This also ended up being problematic on mobile devices and was awesomely broken on the new Xbox 360 version of Internet Explorer. I was very fond of it but with mobile use on the rise I had to let it go to be more mobile friendly.

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Spellcraft Inc.

The Spellcraft Inc. website was a website for my Dark Age Of Camelot spellcrafting business. I would link to it from game forums and take orders from it then craft the gems and imbue them into player’s armor and weapons in-game. It featured a chat box, screenshot instructions of Kort’s Spellcraft Calculator, and useful links. Spellcraft Inc. was hosted on Yahoo! Geocities for free. I no longer play Dark Age Of Camelot but I am still fond of the site and how elements overlap other elements (in a pre-CSS environment) and I am particularly fond of the photo of a Wiccan’s alter used in the site’s header.