Nook Color Keyboard Case

Turn your Barnes & Noble Nook Color running Cyanogenmod 7 or Cyanogenmod 9 into a “laptop” or a “transformer tablet” with this groovy keyboard case from ebay. I have tried Bluetooth keyboards in the past with poor results, getting too much interference from the Nook’s WiFi radio. This mini usb keyboard works great. It is responsive and doesn’t run the battery down much.

  1. Purchase this item from eBay: 7″ Leather Case Mini USB Keyboard Stylus for Tablet PC PDA Epad UMPC or This Case which will need the adapters below but will work with  a usb hub/mouse.
  2. Purchase a Mini USB female to Micro USB male adapter or cable. Like this one or this one.
  3. Purchase this casethis case, or this case from eBay that is already Micro USB so you won’t need the adapters but it will not work with a usb hub/mouse.
  4. Put the Nook in the Case and plug the usb keyboard into the adapter and the adapter into the Nook Color.
  5. Download and install Nook Color Tweaks from the Android Market or Google Play store
  6. Open Nook Color Tweaks, allow any superuser messages you get, and tap “USB Settings”
  7. Turn on External VBus and wait for a superuser message.
  8. Turn on USB Host Mode and wait for a superuser message.
  9. Turn on Caps lock to make sure it’s working.
  10. Type!
  11. If you find your Nook fits too loosely into the keyboard case just put a rubber band or an elastic hair band over the 3 tabs that hold the tablet in place behind the Nook.
  12. Check out my next post for how to also use a mouse!

Download and install Nook Color Tweaks

Select USB Settings

Turn on External VBus FIRST!

Then Turn on USB Host Mode

Turn on CAPS LOCK to make sure it’s working!

Video from patrickt777 on YouTube

Check out my next post for how to also use a mouse!

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